About Us

Who We Are?

- Jo Academy is an educational platform offering premium e-learning courses for Secondary School students (both Tawjihi and International Programs), through a variety of well-recognized instructors.

- We offer a revolutionary solution to learning inequalities by enabling everyone to access the best quality academic content available in Jordan through virtual classrooms and digital content.

- Cutting-edge technology and rich content underpin everything we do. We leverage your academic performance via innovative digital tools designed to help you grasp concepts faster, and more efficiently.

Our Mission

- To launch Jordan’s first virtual learning platform, offering pioneer courses for IGCSE, SAT and IB students.

Our Vision

- At the heart of our business is a desire to enable students all over the world to believe in themselves as independent learners. We are committed to overcome geographical boundaries, offering an equal chance for all students all over the world to get the education they need.

- We take considerable care of the type of educational content that empowers students to make better choices academically and professionally in the future.